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Have you ever wished if the picture can move like in harry potter or if you could travel back in time like Dr. Stranger and re-visit those moments?? I know we all did, at least I did so many times. Sadly we don’t have that technology or know ways to do all these. But we have a relatively less fancy way to re-live those precious moments; Photographs and videos.

I am weak for stories and I try to capture them through my lens. This is what I do for a living and I absolutely love my job. All you have to do is share your idea, and I will work my magic and give you memories for life.

Before photography happened, I was more of a laid-back kinda guy ready to take on anything that comes my way. While studying Mechatronic Engineering, my aspirations were to become a capable engineer. Enjoying those chai’s on college canteen and long drives was all I knew. It all came crashing down on one unfortunate evening of my accident. The moment my bike crashed into the truck, my life took a 360-degree turn.

After being unconscious for days, I woke up to the realization of a damaged left eye and non functionality of the left hand. Yes, I am now a handicapped individual. Bedridden for quite a long time, I was losing my insanity. That was the toughest yet changing phase of my life. In between trying to remember even basic things like walking to trying to adjust to this new normal I found losing myself in the labyrinth alone. This solitude gave me a chance to connect to small things around me though. This was that time I learned the true meaning of life and its value. And I found new determination to make this second chance count. I meditated and spent time fighting all the negatives people were throwing at me. And I won.

Instead of sitting idle which I absolutely hate, I started working small jobs. From managing a painter to working in a factory, I did it all. I had decided that I was not going to let myself sink down in the negative realm or lose hope. This was the time developed a hobby of taking pictures of my surroundings on my phone. Capturing flowing moments through my lens was so calming. It was like an opportunity for me to show the world what I see. My eureka moment was when my photo clicked on my Nokia N-95 cell phone was selected and published alongside pictures of professional photographers. This is where my new journey started. My very first inspiration was the late Mr. Pranlal Patel, who then in his 90s was as active as a child always looking for learning something new. I thought if he can then I can too. My mentor Mr. Sanjay Vaidya has too contributed to where I am today.

I started with candid and street photography. Even tried my luck in dream city Mumbai for 3 years. I did various photoshoots and portfolios for models and tv actresses. I even had the opportunity to shoot Meet Bros. Still, I was not satisfied and came back to Ahmedabad. I started my own photography company called ‘Klickplik’ in 2016, under which I successfully completed various projects of wedding photography and videography. The smiles and satisfaction of clients when they receive the final videos and photos were enough to get me going. Since then, there has been no turning back. I formed another company named ‘Aslan’ in 2019 focusing on Corporate profile management. We do website designing, marketing, portfolio development, and all Branding solutions. All these have given me precious opportunities to meet new people and observe them closely. During this, I had the opportunity to meet so many individuals that have left an impression on me. There was always something new to learn from them. This has helped me to grow not only professionally but also personally. While working with Mr. Kirtidhan Gadhvi for his music videos, I was amazed by his thirst for perfection. This project helped me to understand my potential.

The project that is closest to my heart was trekking at Manali. With the group of 30 type-I diabetic individuals, we hiked 1300 ft. above sea level. While shooting that journey, looking at those determined faces when we reached the top was a euphoric feeling.

While teaching photography to kids at Zydus School of Excellence, I learned a new perspective of seeing things. It was a whole new experience. Their curiosity, their way of seeing things, and their understanding made me realize I still have things to learn. I want to use this platform and knowledge to be a voice for those who can’t. I want to be the medium between those who want to be heard and the world who is unaware of them. For the same reason, I associated myself with various NGOs to help spread the word and show others’ struggles to the world. In the future, I aim to interact with more people and be their voice to show their stories through my lens. I want to use photography as a powerful weapon of change.

I feel individuals can achieve anything, all you need is hope, passion, and dedication. One’s shortcoming is an obstacle only if you see them as that. Everything is possible if you are willing enough to try. Know your weakness and use them as your strength. I am excited to unfold what more my profession has to offer. I am ready for whatever challenge life is weaving for me and I know I’ll win at that too.

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